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SleepBetter™ Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

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Having trouble sleeping at night? Is your growing belly putting a lot of stress on your body? Even in the most relaxed position, do you still feel discomfortTo tackle these problems and more, Hervana SleepBetter™ brings you the pregnancy pillow. 

Comfort is very important during pregnancy. With your growing tummy, finding the right position to sleep can be very difficult. You need something that will support your growing body and help you fall asleep. A pillow that follows the natural curvature of your body. This is exactly why Hervana brings you the SleepBetter™ Pregnancy Pillow


Why The SleepBetter™ Pregnancy Pillow?

Hervana SleepBetter™ pregnancy pillow was designed with you in our mind because we know your struggles during pregnancy. Our pillow was made to keep you as comfortable as possible as you sleep. With its clever design, this pregnancy pillow provides equal support for back and tummy at the same time. The full body support provided by the pregnancy pillow is exactly what you need during pregnancy.




Great for supporting your legs while you sleep comfortably.

woman using pregnancy pillow for leg support and comfort

woman using blue colored pregnancy pillow for leg support and leg comfort



The pillow follows the natural curvature of your back and this provides the excellent back support.

woman using blue colored pregnancy pillow for back support



The SleepBetter™ pregnancy pillow can be adjusted to support your posture as you sit or lay in bed. 

woman sitting up and reading book while using blue colored pregnancy pillow for posture support



Hervana SleepBetter™ pregnancy pillow is not just a great pregnancy pillow but it also doubles as a nursing pillow too

woman using blue colored pregnancy pillow as a nursing pillow to breastfeed her baby



The SleepBetter™ pregnancy pillow is made from quality material and is meant to be durable and resilient.

  • Our pregnancy pillow is made of 100% polyester fiberfill
  • Our pregnancy pillow cover is made from 100% Cotton to ensure its very soft



    Uniquely designed to ensure it follows the natural curvatures of a pregnant mother.

    • The "U" shape is the perfect support for sleeping and eventually breastfeeding your baby
    • Provides the correct body position, which is very important for belly support, neck and back support



    Soft to the touch and meant to provide a good nights rest.

    • Upper and lower body can be elevated
    • Cradling the whole body the pillow provides complete 360-degree support for the whole body whilst sleeping. 



    Designed to be used in the many positions you will be in during pregnancy. From reading to sleeping, the pregnancy pillow will provide the needed support.

    • Perfect pillow for side sleepers
    • Comfortable backrest
    • Perfect for belly support
    • Great back support when you're reading a book 



    • Our pregnancy pillow size is 70 cm by 130 cm

     woman sleeping on blue colored pregnancy pillow perfect for pregnancy

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    SleepBetter™ Full Body Pregnancy Pillow