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Safety Hammock Swing Chair

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Read a book, watch the stars, or snuggle up with someone special...there's something for everyone with this soft and comfortable Hammock Swing Chair.

What could be better after a long hike, on a date, or a lazy day than to relax in a hammock and sway with the breeze in the back yard, front yard, patio or bedroom as you enjoy the peaceful calm of life?

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Yes it sure can. You’ll want to make sure the area in your ceiling that you fasten the hammock to is an area that will be able to hold your weight, ie in actual framing WOOD not just drywall or plaster or otherwise. Hope this helps

By Matthew Moenning on August 9, 2019

I was wondering the same. I have hung mine and I use it to rock myself or turn when I am sitting with my legs up.

By Alyson on April 17, 2019

So we bought 2 one for me and 1 for my husband. I love how comfortable it is, I feel like I’m in a cocoon. My husband however is not thrilled with how it closes in on his legs. He’s going to try to retrofit some kind of spacer. For the price we’re pleased with the quality but to answer your question, yes.

By Pamela Wagner on March 28, 2020

It’s cotton canvas and a coated pipe. Water wouldn’t necessarily damage it, but it would definitely get gross pretty quickly if you left it out. The pillows are the same material, so I’d assume they would be prone to mold if they took in too much water. We take ours in when not using it.
By Charles B on May 3, 2020

I would wash by hand, otherwise you might screw the ropes up...
By hauulawa on March 29, 2020

It comes with a carabiner that attaches to the swing itself and then you will need to add rope or chain to attach to the carabiner to hang in a tree.
By Lisa D. Rodriguez on May 6, 2020

I did not hang it in a tree. I am using indoors.
By Verified Buyer on March 31, 2020

Yes, but it is a chair. You have to curl your legs in to be comfortable.
By Jane C. on March 15, 2020

I hung mine with the rope provided. It is over 2 2x6 crossbeams on my deck. I just tied a lose knot. However, it does gray the rope like this and would be better if you had a hanging stand or something sturdy like that.

By Fanta H. on July 13, 2019


Material: Cotton rope net
Color: White
Type: 3 Type Optional
Size: 130*100cm/51.18*39.37''
Weight capatity: 120kg

Package included:

Type A:
1x Hammock Chair

Type B:
1x Hammock Chair
2x Pillow
1x Storage Bag
2x Rope

Type C:
1x Hammock Chair


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$65.99 USD
Safety Hammock Swing Chair