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šŸ„ŠInflatable Free-Standing Kids & Adults Punching Bag

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$43.99 USD

Being stuck at home? Lazy around doing nothing? Active kids just drive you crazy?Ā šŸ˜‘

You know something has to be done! šŸ¤”

Get active now! Burn your fat with some punching and kicking!Ā šŸ„Š


OurĀ punching bag can withstand your hardest kicks and punches!šŸ’„ Perfect forĀ keeping fit or as a stress breaker.

stand up punching bag
By filling with sand or water at the bottom for stability,Ā this freestanding punching bag responds quickly by bouncing back up immediatelyĀ without falling over.

Not only you can use it at home workouts, but this punching bag is alsoĀ intended for age 6 to adult. Your children would love to take a whack at this kids' punching bag, help them toĀ have fun, stay active & excise, also trainsĀ coordination and reaction.Ā PracticalĀ and safe.

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When not in use, the punching bag can be emptied andĀ folded into small size, take up very little space,Ā convenient, andĀ easy to carry.

Our punching bags are made of durable multi-layer 25mm PVC Duratec material.
The rugged vinyl structure withstands the impact of kicks and impacts and always bounces back more. It willĀ definitely stick to your strength training standardsĀ -Fitness boxing sandbags: bring fun to the whole family.

  1. Please keep it away from the knife and other sharp things.
  2. Please keep it away from sun exposure and fire.
  3. It is easy to harden the material in winter. Please be careful when using this product when the room temperature drops.
  4. Don't ride it or give it excessive vibration. It can cause air leaks or water leaks.
  5. Always inject water before inflating. If the water capacity is low, it may not rise.

Inflatable Punching Bag


Q: Can it be used outdoors?
A: Yes, of course! Because there is no mounting needed, you can roll it outside to get an outdoor workout.

Q: How many pounds of sand are needed to fill the base?
A: One bag of sand or 30lbs of sand is enough to fill the base.

Q: What should you fill the base with?
A: You can fill it with either sand or water.

Q: How do you fill it?
A: It is so easy to fill with either sand or water, you just need to use a funnel to fill the base.


Product information:

ā–ŖName:Ā Ā Punching Bag Stand

ā–ŖMaterial:Ā PVC

ā–ŖEffect:Ā Strength exercise, reaction speed exercise

ā–ŖIntended for: Adult/Children

ā–ŖAdvantage:Ā Good quality/ Stable

ā–ŖHeight (After inflated): 160 cm.

Package includes:Ā 1 x Punching bagĀ 

Note:Ā Because it is handmade new inflatable tumblerĀ will have a slight inclination after being inflated.Ā 



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šŸ„ŠInflatable Free-Standing Kids & Adults Punching Bag