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🍻HomeBrew™ DIY Moonshine Still Boiler Wine Making Kit With Water Pump 20L/5Gal🍻

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"SUPER!!! Stunning! Very fast delivery!!! Exactly as advertised and packed very well. This Product is made very well and complete. After a good clean I will toast to this seller with my first home made batch soon! I do and will recommend to everyone with a passion for a nice home made brew..."

Michael.P Texas. OBG™ customer


Isn't it dreamy? The first bite of selfmade brew? All the time, all the procedures, new mix, anxiously waiting...It almost love! Come and Join us now!!!

🔥Grab Your Discounted HomeBrew™ 20L/5Gal Wine Alcohol Water Distiller Moonshine Still Boiler Stainless Copper With Water Pump While The Store LAUNCH DISCOUNT is on! Limited Stock! Act Soon!!🔥

Our HomeBrew™ alcohol distiller moonshine still, used high-quality & safety stainless steel and argon welding techniques, with two real-time thermometers, large capacity fermentation tank and advanced cooling devices, can hold 20 Liter/ 5 Gallon liquor and have excellent performance in the alcohol brewing and steaming process. It is widely applied in both commercial place and households by its distinctive features and convenience.


✔️Stainless Alcohol Distiller Home Brew Kit Moonshine Liquid Making Boiler
✔️Food grade 304 stainless steel,healthier and more durable
✔️Large space for purification,more ideal effect
✔️Gas,natural gas and firewood heating methods are all supported
✔️The container can be used as fermentation tank
✔️Adopt four times cooling technology

Specification :

Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Color:  Silver
Weight: 8900g
Size: Outside Diameter: 28cm
Height: 30cm
Input Quantity:  5kg Rice
Output Quantity:  3kg for alcohol    content of 50° or 5kg for 30°
Capacity:  20L
Steaming Time:  1-2 Hours

Q & A:

This item is a distiller, not a refulx still. The highest percent alcohol can be up to 80%, while if you are the starter, you may get the 50%-60%.

Can i just distill water? Also, do i have to connect it to a permanent water source or can i just dump the water in?

This is overkill to distill water with unless you plan on doing it commercially. My mother did it with the water in a tall pan. She let the distilled water drip into a shorter pan. A cookie sheet over the tops of both caught the steam going up from the tall pan and the short pan caught the condensation as it dripped down.

Are all required seals included?
Yes, all the required seals included.

What are the ceramic ballls used for and where are they installed?
They are used to create a rough surface in the pot to eliminate hot spots and more bubbles while you are boiling ingredients.

What are the spigots on the column for?
The one on the top is for initially venting off the foreshots of methanol and other undesirables at the start of the distillation process.

Does this still have a drain spout on the bottom?

Package Includes :

1 x 20L Stainless Alcohol Distiller
1 x 100ml Graduated Cylinder
1 x Submersible Pump
3 x Alcohol Meter
1 x Filter Bag
1 x Check Valve
1 x Silicone Plug
3 x Silicone Tube

🍻HomeBrew™ DIY Moonshine Still Boiler Wine Making Kit With Water Pump 20L/5Gal🍻