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Fracture Thumb Corrector

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The Fracture Thumb Corrector is a necessity for those suffering from osteoarthritis, arthritis, tendinitis, or have simply suffered a trauma to the thumb or thumb joint. This design is easy to put on and off, and comfortable enough to sleep in. Many brace wearers struggle with whether to sleep with a bulky, burdensome thumb splint on at night. Fracture Thumb Corrector takes care of that problem, with a sleek, lightweight design that provides the support you need, with the ease and comfort that allows for consistent we-arability. This brace is simple metal encased in a soft fabric that is breathable and light. The brace is interchangeable, so it can be worn on the left or right hand. The stability provided by the splint will keep the digit free of further injury, while being as minimally restrictive as possible. 

Designed For All Activities

Supporting the thumb joints and ligaments, the Vive thumb brace restricts the movement of the thumb while supplying adjustable compression and retaining therapeutic heat to improve circulation and promote healing. The lightweight brace allows the full use of the remaining fingers so you can complete daily tasks with ease.

Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Adjustable compression brace effectively reduces pain and inflammation due to injury or surgery. Great support brace for managing arthritis, carpal tunnel, repetitive stress injury, post-surgery, sprains and strains.

Removable Splints for Flexible Use

Isolating the thumb in a neutral position, the brace includes two ergonomically designed aluminum splints for maximum support and immobilization of the thumb. The lightweight metal splints are removable for supporting the thumb during activities that require more flexibility and for properly cleaning the thumb brace.

Fracture Thumb Corrector