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šŸ„©Food Saver Automatic Household Food Vacuum SealeršŸ„©

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ā€œThis little gadget is a real money saver! I was constantly throwing away food that was just days old! I'm so glad I came across this easy-to-use electric vacuum sealer.ā€

- Andrew G.,Ā Favor Pickā„¢ StoreĀ customer




Not in a good mood when eating? Too full to finish all your dinner? Buy in bulk and worried about storage?

This happens to anyone, any family.

This Electric Food Vacuum Sealer isĀ the solutionĀ toĀ all your food storage needs.Ā ItĀ keeps food freshĀ in the freezer up toĀ 5x longer,Ā compared to ordinary storage methods, allowing you toĀ save moneyĀ based onĀ buying in bulk,Ā on sale,Ā andĀ preventing waste.


Ordinary storage methodsĀ trap air, affecting the food'sĀ nutritional value,Ā flavor, andĀ overall quality. But the Electric Food Vacuum Sealer removes all of the air from the sealed container,Ā extending the life of food.

According to new research published in theĀ AmericanĀ Journal of Agricultural Economics,Ā theĀ average American householdĀ wastesĀ nearlyĀ one-third of itsĀ food. TheĀ squandering comes at a cost: $1,866 a year perĀ household.Ā 

You SAVE more than $1,800 EACH YEARĀ by preservingĀ food with Electric Food Vacuum Sealer. Stop WASTINGĀ your time and money!

Ā Order itĀ right nowĀ and we'll throw in aĀ 10 piece storage bag bonusĀ just for you!

Electric Food Vacuum SealerĀ Features:

āœ…EASY OPERATIONĀ - Automatic Vacuum Sealing System is fully automaticĀ with the control center placed on the top panel with soft-touch digital buttons and led indicator lights.

āœ…TWO SEALING FUNCTIONĀ - The Vacuum Sealer can vacuum seal and separate the sealing. Keep food fresh in the freezer up to 5x longer and in the fridge or pantry up to 3x longer, compared to ordinary storage methods.

āœ…POWERFUL SUCTIONĀ - The Food Vacuum Sealer is a powerful suction device that providesĀ total elimination of the air from the bag. It preservesĀ freshness on your foodĀ and can be used to storeĀ any foodĀ possible from fruits, vegetables, meat to fish, etc.Ā cutting down on wasted foodĀ and cutting down on freezer burn.

āœ…CONVENIENT STORAGEĀ - The sealer bottom has two pieces of magnets that can be attached to the refrigerator for convenient storage and access.


āœ“Ā Rated Voltage: 110V AC
āœ“Ā Rated Frequency: 110V/50 Hz
āœ“Ā Rated Power: 100W
āœ“Ā Vacuum Pressure: -60 kPa
āœ“Ā Sealing Length: 30cm
āœ“Size: 36.5*5.5*5.0cm



ā€” 1 x Electric Vacuum Sealer for Food
ā€”Ā FREEĀ 17*25cm Bags (10 pcs)



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šŸ„©Food Saver Automatic Household Food Vacuum SealeršŸ„©