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Baby Neck Swimming Ring

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Baby Neck Swimming Ring Design Pool Floaties & Baby Floats. Before your baby can walk or even crawl, they can be active in water!


Baby Neck Swimming Ring is suitable for infants enjoying water time in bathtubs and baby-friendly public swimming pools. The deal for use in a pool or in the home bathtub.


There are two designs you can choose from, the star design and Circle design

The Star Design:


Pneumatic internal diameter:9cm/3.5inch

Pneumatic outer diameter:39cm/15.3inch


Suitable ages 3-24 months

Package Included:  1 x Baby Swimming Neck Float Ring


The Circle Design:

  • Ideal for use in pool or in home bath tub 
  • Suitable ages size M for 3-12 months and size L for 13-24 months 
  • Minimum weight 5.5kg (12 lbs)  
  • Maximum weight 13kg (29 lbs) 
Baby Neck Swimming Ring