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OBG™ Camping Hammock

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$34.99 USD

Read a book, watch the stars, or snuggle up with someone special...there's something for everyone with the soft and comfortable Ultralight Travel Hammock.

What could be better after a long hike, on a date, or a lazy day with the family in the back yard than to relax in a hammock and sway with the breeze as you enjoy the peaceful calm of nature? 

Now you can bring your hammock with you on every adventure! 

Take a break, relax and enjoy the great outdoors in a fashionable way. Hung up OBG™ Single/Double Camping Hammock in your courtyard, in the garden or on your next backpacking trip for a comfortable set up. Weighting under 35 ouces they are great for hiking and camping.

Why Choose US?

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - Double hammock up to 500 lbs capacity, single hammock up to 400 lbs capacity

EASYLY ADJUSTABLE - Set up and relax in few minutes

DURABLE MATERIAL - Made from Ripstop parachute grade nylon

DOUBLE HAMMOCK - Comfortable, lightweight, and big enough for two

EASY-TO-CARRY - Pack entire Hammock&Accessories inside a compression pouch


Double / Single hammock:

Weight: 35oz / 25oz

Max Weight: 500lbs / 400lbs

Strap Length: 3.05m / 4.0m ( 10fl )

Size: 300 x 200cm ( 118''L x 78''W ) / 270 x 140cm ( 108''L x 55''W )

Material: 210T parachute grade nylon

Carabiner: 8x80mm, Maximum tension 300kg

Package Including

1 x OBG™ Hammock

2 x Tree Friendly Straps

2 x  Aviation Aluminum Alloy Carabiners


Kick back, relax and enjoy some much deserved hammocking time! Set up in your backyard, at the park, in your room or on your next camping trip for the most comfortable set up yet!  

(Limited Time 20% OFF Offer)

Update: Due to high demand we are officially running low. Please place your order while supplies last!

$34.99 USD
OBG™ Camping Hammock