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Safety Auto Glass Car Window Breaker

$14.95 USD

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What's more important than safety? Nothing. This Safety Auto Glass Car Window Breaker will help you escape your vehicle in the event of an emergency.

It has the metal hammer to break the side window and cut seat belt of your car in an emergency situation.

Description : 

The Safety Auto Glass Car Window Breaker is a compact yet powerful safety item that cuts through jammed seat belts and breaks malfunctioning side and rear automotive windows, allowing you to escape automotive entrapment. The tool has a spring-loaded steel head for breaking tempered glass (will not break windshields) with a force of just 12 pounds or less, and a razor-sharp, stainless steel blade to cut seat belts. It is even functional when submerged in water. Despite its compact power, this tool cannot injure users or clothing when carried normally. The clip can be hung on a key chain or hook, and easily detaches for emergency access.

How To Use :
1. Pull the quick release tool off your key-chain.
2. Cut your seat belt by sliding it through the blade.
3. Push the tool against the corner of your window to break.

The tool will deploy and break the window allowing you to escape from danger.


  • Popping whistle for help.
  • Cut off the seat belt. Quickly pull out the escape tool from the key chain, then pull the buckle out, fix the blade on the seat belt and cut it off quickly for emergency escape.
  • Emergency self rescue in vehicle and out of car. Put the escape device anywhere near the corner of the window, press the escape device vigorously, when hearing popping sound, the glass will break for emergency escape.

Color: black
Material: ABS+alloy
Size: 75 x 35 x 15mm/2.95 x 1.37 x 0.59in

$14.95 USD
Safety Auto Glass Car Window Breaker