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Campbell Posture Cane Walking Cane As Seen On Tv

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Unlike traditional canes, the ground-breaking Campbell Posture Cane helps you to walk in a more natural upright posture position and improves your line of sight. Walk confidently and look forward instead of down, which will help balance and mobility! The revolutionary ergonomic grip handle design eliminates the downward pressure associated with using a traditional cane, making it more comfortable for the shoulder and wrist. The Campbell Posture Cane is self-standing, and the 360-degree rubber traction tip provides added support that helps you stand up from a seated position. Feel more secure when navigating hills, uneven terrain, sidewalks, and stairs! Walk with comfort and gain your freedom back with the Campbell Posture Cane! *The Campbell Posture Cane is a medical device intended to provide minimal weight support for walking. It is not intended to relieve or resolve persistent pain, posture, or other orthopedics issues. Please see your doctor if you have recurring posture problems or pain when standing straight. Campbell Posture Cane | Walking Cane for Men, Women | Mobility Device, Portable, Lightweight, Adjustable, Self-Standing, Folding, Collapsible Hand Walking Stick, 10 Height Adjustment, 360 Traction Tip

Campbell Posture Cane Walking Cane As Seen On Tv